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Music lessons

Music education is one of the most important tools for realizing a child's intellectual, and creative potential, and music teachers lay the foundation upon which to build and inspire that potential in children of all age groups.

My fees for private piano lessons is $100/month per piano student. l do offer makeup lessons at no extra charge. If you wish to not commit at this time, I offer drop in sessions, for half an hour at twenty five dollars.

You still need to schedule these drop in session with me, but I'm quick to respond back to you.

I do provide the notebook to write in what you’ve learned in each lessons and the homeworks expected to be done per week. I provide also a binder for the loose leaf sheets I give out.

The first ones to contact me before the school year starts and books their time slots gets to keep that time slot for the rest of the year. However you don't need to wait til september to start learning with me, you can begin your lessons any time of the year, why wait when you could be learning and playing piano right now!

You are welcome to sit and watch the lesson if you wish or you can drop off your kids and pick them up a little later.

I accept cash, checks, and email money transfers, debit and credit by the square app

Rachel Neil