perms and colours

Perms and Colours.

Perms and colours work the same price wise like this:

60 for short hair

80 for medium lenghth hair.

100 for long hair.

120 for extra long hair.

$150- 200.00 for color corrections.

We do use top of the line hair products on your to ensure the health of your hair, products like olaplex, biolage, matrix, monat.

We do also carry funky colours such as:, teals, blues, greens, yellows, pinks, red, marroon, steel, lilac.

We can thoroughly cover your greys and whites.

We can give you a vibrant blonde colour.

Reds are are beautiful but they do fade.

so stay away from heat, the sun, hot showers, and protect your hair from chlorine in the swimming pools.