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Hi everyone and thank you for visiting our website.


Our hair salon is licenced with Strathmore and has passed a clean health check.

We use hand sanitizer at the entrance and we have extra masks for the ones without.

We've been in business in the Aspen creek area of Strathmore, for the past dozen years.

And I've been a licenced stylist for over 20 years.

 I like to listen to your stories, how you style your hair, what dilemmas you have and find ways to turn around and help you out. Be it with evening out a cut, or fixing a hair colour, or adding moisture back into your locks with conditioning treatments.

I am always eager to please you and hope you feel comfortable around me, my pets, and my family.

Please spend a few minutes to browse my website's few pages and see pictures of what I have created in the past.

We always use top of the line products, including Olaplex, we incorporate a little of this liquid gold into your hair treatments, which is very valuable for the health and strenght of your hair.

Olaplex is the treatment that repairs the broken bonds in your hair follicles, leaving you with stronger, softer hair. Used either as a stand alone treatment or during colouring, or even to enhance the result of your perm, Olaplex lets you achieve a beautiful texture to your hair while protecting the health of it .

We also have added to our salon sales the monat series which is just as valuable to the health of your hair.